This is one of three books co-authored by ‘scholar Strachan and Pastor Peacock’, as one endorser referred to them, which together address the broad issue of our sexual identity. This book deals with the issue of lust in a clear and thorough manner that is rooted in the Bible and supremely in Christ.

There are four chapters which focus on and unpack a particular aspect of the issue. ‘People are Struggling’ focuses on the theological background to lust; ‘Lust is Sinful’ identifies the struggle associated with the presence of lustful desires and how they manifests themselves; ‘Christ is Powerful’ provides the answer as being ‘in union with Christ’ and outlines nine truths about this union; and ‘We Have Hope’ presents eight biblical and practical steps in the battle against lust. A chapter on ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ at the end is helpful and provides a useful summary of the material in the book. A theological, readable and practical book which could be used as a source for group study.

Colin Macleod, Gairloch, Kinlochewe & Torridon Free Church