What do a terrorist; a blues artist; a rocket scientist and a Moslem have in common? In Carswell’s book they are all brought together by a common thread which is belief in the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ. Eight people tell the story of how they were facing one direction yet knew there was something missing in their lives and turned around to walk in the opposite direction.

The missing link, pictorially represented on the front cover, is explored by Carswell, described as the same link, but a different chain that exposed what was missing. The final story is the oldest story ever told. Because it is the last it follows on as a human story, and reads no different to our stories, yet with one penetrating difference, this man is perfect. Despite his humanity, Jesus Christ came to earth for a single purpose and with skilful ability the author wraps this purpose around every other story in the book. He came to save mankind from sin and eternal separation from His Father. This single story enables the telling of all the other salvation stories, not just in this book but in the world.

Ruth Aird, Edinburgh Theological Seminary