Banner of Truth have produced a wonderful new hardcover edition of Joseph Tracy’s 'The Great Awakening'.

It is a beautiful edition, and offers the reader the first history of the 18th century revivals of New England. Tracy’s is a great work of christian history, and he walks the reader through this time of significant spiritual awakening, making clear the transformative nature of our incredible God. Tracy explores revivals on both sides of the Atlantic, including the ministries of Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield, but his focus is on America, and New England in particular. The record of these revivals is the story of thousands of conversions, as God moved powerfully through these young American communities.

Controversy and human error are not overlooked, and the work helpfully highlights the sinful ways of man, a contrast to the merciful saving grace of our God. Whilst this book is not a light or easy read (it was, after all, first published in 1841!), Tracy's volume stands as testament to the work of God in the lives of countless believers some three hundred years ago. Our God is the sovereign God of history, and this book is a clear witness to that truth.

This book is available to purchase from Banner of Truth.

Ed Creedy, St Andrews Free Church