This is an almost-rare book published in the twenty-first century on the doctrine of the divine preservation of the Holy Word of God. The book is broken down into four chapters:

Does God Preserve Scripture?

How Does God Preserve Scripture?

Where Does God Preserve Scripture?

Why Does God God Preserve Scripture?

The first two chapters give a good summary of the preservation of the Bible, referencing the Scriptures and the Westminster Confession. The third chapter is disappointing as the author (who clearly stated several ties in the previous chapters that the book was not on textual criticism) delves into manuscript types and textual criticism, and, thereby, a careful reader can sense a bit of 'unwriting' of what had been written in the previous chapters. The fourth chapter wraps up the book with a call to Christians to read the Bible and the need for faithful Bible translations into all languages of the earth.

Overall, the book should be read carefully and thoughtfully. It is a very short book and much more can be said about the topic. Although the book is written very simply, it may be a book most suitable for mature Christians, who can see the author's bias, and who are just beginning to learn about the doctrine of divine preservation.

Liz Tichelaar, London Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland & Trinitarian Bible Society