This is such a well-researched and rich historical novel based on the life of Lydia, the seller of purple. It very much sets the scene of the life and times and hardships of being a ‘business woman’ in Thyatira as well as a very in-depth description of the dyeing process!

I found it a captivating and engrossing read, filling in a lot of background story of Lydia, giving me a new respect for her and opening my eyes to this woman who, even though she is only mentioned in a few verses in Acts, was in the right place at the right time to hear the gospel message. It gives you an awe at the God who sought her out and brought her to Himself.

I loved this book and have gone on to read more of this series.

This book is available to purchase from Amazon.

Fiona M. Talbot, Plockton & Kyle Free Church