This is a personal account of ‘An English Professor’s Journey into Christian Faith’. It is well written, deeply challenging, honest, radicaland sometimes disturbing!

Rosaria Butterfield begins by describing her life and attitudes as a lesbian and campaigning feminist, and how all those long, firmly held beliefs and attitudes were challenged by her being befriended by a pastor and his wife who invited her to dinners and had discussions with her. The result was what she calls a ‘train wreck’ of a conversion, as she tried then to reset her life to the values of Christ.

This book challenges our preconceived ideas of what it is to live in a lesbian society and relationship, and it certainly challenges how we do ‘evangelism’. At the same time, it is awesome that God can come into such a life and for there to be such a radical transformation. Highly recommend it!

Fiona M. Talbot, Plockton & Kyle Free Church