Understanding the world that we live in is an essential aspect of communicating the gospel of Jesus in every generation. And this is the reason William Edgar has produced a biblical theology of culture. 'Created and Creating' is an excellent book which seeks to help the reader engage with some key thinkers who have had a global impact and then work out the points of connection which exist between scripture and culture.

To do this Edgar sets out three main sections. First of all there is an overview of social, philosophical, political and theological thinkers who have shaped many cultures in the world. Following this, we are taken through a series of sections in the bible which seem to state that engagement with culture may not be part of the churches primary responsibility.

Having looked at these texts, Edgar revisits them. He suggests that instead of operating with a perspective which holds to an imposed sacred/secular divide we would be better served, and also more biblically faithful, to view these passages through the lens of the cultural mandate in Genesis 1. As Edgar demonstrates, this opens up fruitful avenues for the church to interact with the surrounding culture so that the gospel may be proclaimed more clearly.

I was impressed with both the scope and readability of this book. For those who find themselves in positions of leadership in the church or who are preparing for this task, Edgar’s book is an essential read as we seek to share the gospel and make disciples of all peoples.

Martin Paterson, Cumbernauld Free Church & OMF International