We listened to this audio book on a long car journey and were thoroughly engaged, entertained and encouraged by it!

I loved the way Ortberg brings out the bravery and faith of Peter to make that first step of getting out of the boat and the compassion of Jesus who always rescues before He rebukes!

Each chapter is filled with amusing life scenarios which we can all identify with, along with eye-opening biblical teaching, finishing with thought-provoking questions.

This book will make you think of this story of Peter walking on the water, in a fresh, new, deeper way and also encourage you in your own unsteady walk of faith, encouraging and inspiring you to take that step, that reach which is beyond you, but not beyond Him who calls you!

Superb book and superb audio version!

This book (printed and audio) is available to purchase from Amazon.

Fiona M. Talbot, Plockton & Kyle Free Church