Transgenderism is one of the most troubling social issues of our time and it represents an assault on the Biblical doctrine of humanity. All Christians should be aware of the issues and equipped to respond in ways that are respectful but discerning. Sharon James’ 'Gender Ideology' enables us to do just that by providing a succinct but comprehensive guide through this minefield.

One of the challenges when engaging with this subject is the hijacking of language. Terms such as gender and sex are being used today in novel ways to suit the new agenda and the book begins by clearing the decks and providing clear definitions of key terms.

As the title indicates this book does not simply provide “cut and paste” responses to the issues raised but goes to the ideological roots of transgenderism, its key theorists and the concept of “critical theory”. Difficult material is dealt with in a very accessible way. At a pastoral level Sharon James commends an approach that is respectful and yet which insists that it is kinder to tell the truth than to reinforce the lie.

This is an outstanding little book. Get hold of a copy and buy one to pass on!

Ivor Macdonald, Hope Church, Coatbridge