Fourteen short, readable chapters, through the eyes of fourteen different people.

Whilst this is not a devotional or meditation, it could be used for your own personal study on the lead up to Christmas. It is Christmas through different eyes, and some of these eyes are surprising! Like Job for example, along with some of the prophets, Mary & Joseph, the Shepherds, Wise Men & Herod, and Anna & Simeon, and Paul & John the apostle, and those who received the letter to the Hebrews.

Each of the chapters focuses on the verse which refers to the Messiah and that is unpacked for us as to what it would mean for that person, leading on to apply that to our own lives. Recommended for those who wish to see ‘Christmas through Different Eyes’.

This book is available to purchase from Christian Focus.

Fiona M. Talbot, Plockton & Kyle Free Church