The first volume of Glen’s daily Scripture readings through the whole Bible offers the reader 181 daily reflections from the beginning of Genesis to the close of Zechariah. Whilst ​Reading Between The Lines​ takes you from the first to the thirty-eighth book of the Old Testament, journeying through history books, law, poetry and prophecy, the theme is consistent throughout. Glen’s daily studies reinforce the wonderful Gospel truth at the heart of all Scripture. From the majesty of the Lord as creator, to the anguish of David in the Psalms, Glen points the reader to our triune God in a reflective, genuine and emotive manner. Each reflection is short enough to be managed in the morning before work, or the evening before bed, yet not so short as to be devoid of good, solid spiritual truth.

Glen has written a helpful book of short studies that could guide the reader through the whole story of the Old Testament, reinforcing the truths of who our glorious God is, and who we are before, and in Him. I look forward to opening up Volume 2, and exploring the New Testament through these studies!

Volumes 1 & 2 are available to purchase as a twin pack from Free Church Books.

Ed Creedy, St Andrews Free Church