We loved reading 'The Nativity' by Bethan Lycett. It wraps a wealth of biblical nativity truths into an enjoyable, memorable storyline. We’re accustomed to Christmas stories that are either light in content or not entirely accurate, so when we read through this book, we were delighted with the weight of material it contains and its faithfulness to the gospel narratives. We loved the inclusion of characters like Simeon and Anna, the clarification that we don’t know how many wise men there were, and - especially - the ending where the reader is discouraged from thinking that the story stops there.

As long as we have young children, this book will be read often in our house, particularly around Christmas time. We’ll also be recommending to anyone looking for a good children’s nativity book.

This book is also available as a board book and a colouring book.

Ross & Annie Graham, Haddington Community Church