In this book, Meynell brings to bear theological insight, pastoral compassion and personal experience to produce a book which will surely be of great help to those dwelling ‘in the cave’.

Depression is not a comfortable topic to consider, perhaps. But it is a reality for a staggering proportion of the population, and Christians are no exception.

Testimony and encouragement from those who have come through a difficult experience of one kind or another and out the other side can offer much needed hope. But as Meynell helpfully points out, for some it can have the opposite effect — why am I still stuck in the midst of suffering? There is something perhaps even more compelling about this kind of account from someone testifying to God’s goodness even in the midst of their struggle.

As well as being for those in the midst, it is good for those of us who don’t (currently) struggle in this way to be equipped to know what others are going through and to be offered concrete advice on ways to help. The two uses of this book are skilfully interwoven.

There’s an extra dimension here in terms of the author’s perspective as a pastor — one chapter is focussed particularly on the implications of depression for ministry. But this dimension is far from dominant; the book’s usefulness is enhanced by this dimension, not limited. I wholeheartedly recommend it to all.

Benjamin Wilks, Covenant Church, Newmilns