There are many personal spiritual lessons to take away from Scottish doctor Ann Jackson’s ‘War Zone Journal’. Even the first entry, written from home in Carluke and recounting her visit to St George’s Tron Parish Church, is a challenge of personal devotion, reflection, enthusiasm and generosity. It continues in the same vein, bursting with details of ordinary everyday life in Biafra, from medical emergencies to the choice of hymn for evening devotions.

The book for the most part retains Ann’s original journal style, interspersed with letters and editorial notes for clarity. This chatty style gives the whole account a tangible freshness, which is particularly poignant when Ann refers to turmoil and suffering that were all too common around her in Biafra.

As both the Foreword and Afterword make clear, Ann Jackson has never sought the spotlight for her work in Biafra, or indeed anywhere else where she has served the Lord. However, her story needs to be told, as it is suffused with the grace and blessings of God; blessings which can bring comic relief to the hardest of situations, and renewal and healing where none was hoped for. As Ann says; “It is His work, and He is in full control.”

This book is available to purchase from Sanctus Media.

Miriam Montgomery, Free Church Books