In a generation where abuse scandals, environmental issues and political tensions are prevalent, the books of Jeremiah and Lamentations have a lot to say. With the help of Andrew Thomson, we are led through some of the most dark and difficult days of the people of God in an approach which is both honest and pastoral. Sometimes we try to avoid conversations about God’s judgement, in church, with friends and the wider world. Yet our wider society is crying out to hear that wrongs will one day be righted. It’s really important then, that as the people of God, we have a robust yet sensitive word to speak about the great king, Jesus Christ, who is both saviour and judge. This is a great resource to accompany you in devotional readings and will be a great starting place in drawing out some of the main themes for a series of sermons.

This book is available to purchase from ICM.

Martin Paterson, OMF International & Cumbernauld Free Church