Brian Edwards’ helpful tract is a brilliant introduction to the conversation surrounding the historicity of Jesus’ resurrection. That Christ really did die on the Cross and three days later rise again, defeating death and leaving behind an empty tomb, is the lynchpin of the Christian faith. As Brian so helpfully points out: “If the resurrection of Jesus is true, then it is the most astounding and significant miracle ever recorded in the history of the human race” (p2).

Edwards consistently points his readers to Scripture, encouraging him or her to chase up the claims the tract makes with a thorough reading of the Bible. He goes as far as to include Luke 24 in the back, a helpful addition given this is written as a resource for Christian Prison Resourcing, and is supposed to engage even the most disinterested of sceptics.

Whilst Scripture remains Edwards’s reference point, he displays a helpful and convincing grasp of the relevant historians, literature and debates that surround this question. As a result, he has produced a really helpful and easily accessible tract which would be beneficial to both the seeker in and out of a prison context, as well as to the believer who would like to be better versed in the debates surrounding this all important historical event!

Ed Creedy, St Andrews Free Church