A book on the Protestant Reformation can seem like a thoroughly daunting challenge to most Christians - a literary meal of obvious importance that we know should be carefully chewed to extract all the goodness but which we hesitate to begin for fear of its difficult contents giving us intellectual indigestion! Thankfully Eric Metaxas in 'Martin Luther: The Man Who Rediscovered God and Changed the World' expertly serves us with an easily digestible and immensely enjoyable feast of meticulous facts, succulent vocabulary, amusing anecdotes, tragic tales, astute analysis and godly insights into the incredible impact for good, that by God's Grace alone, Martin Luther's life and works has had on the world around us. A must-eat/read for any Christian who wants to be thankful to God for the Reformation.

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Alasdair B.M. Macleod, Stornoway Free Church