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New Season, New Books?

The summer is a great time for books! People take them on holiday, kids have more time to enjoy them, and camps and conferences all want bookstalls for their visitors. Never mind the fact that the new academic year is just around the corner, with new sermon series and study groups starting up again!

If you’re in church leadership, organising a conference, or just love reading and are keen to encourage your fellow church members to read more, then our Sale or Return Bookstalls are for you.

It is very simple to arrange a sale or return bookstall with our bookshop partners, 10ofthose. If you’re starting a new sermon series, pick a couple of relevant books. If you have a midweek fellowship group, choose a book or two that cover the topics you’ll be discussing. If you have a kids’ church programme, consider offering the children some pocket money books to supplement their Sunday studies.

For a £10 fee, you can order a big batch of books and return up to 50% of the order value. You don't need to pay anything until you return the leftover books, and encouraging your members to read more can only increase their engagement and understanding!

Our online catalogue offers a vast range of great options, often both short and inexpensive. Here are a few you might be interested in:

  • ‘For You’ Commentaries: With titles on many of the most commonly-preached books of the Bible, these books are designed for personal or group use, and are very accessible.
  • ‘Questions Christians Ask’: A collection of short books on some of the trickiest topics facing Christians today, from same sex attraction to the afterlife, these books are short but easy to read.
  • ‘Discover’ Bible Notes for Young People: Many of your young members who went to camp this summer were gifted Discover Bible Notes by the Free Church Mission Board. Why not offer them the chance to follow up with further issues? Or even buy it for them as a gift from your church?

These are just a few of the many options that are available. Many more recommendations are available here, on our website and our shop homepage.

The Boring Bit - How To Arrange Your Bookstall:

Set up an account with 10ofthose at

On the account homepage, click the ’Sale or Return’ button, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once you receive email confirmation of your S&R bookstall, place your order. Make sure to select the sale or return option in your basket at check out.

Receive and sell your books, then return any excess stock. You only need to pay once the return has been finalised.

Please do consider doing this - it’s simple, cheap, and can only have a positive effect!

Miriam Montgomery, Free Church Books