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Online bookshop now open!

On this cold February day, we have just the good news you need – our new online bookshop is now open! To visit it, just click here.

On our homepage, you will see 16 titles we think might particularly interest you. And until 14th March 2018 you can use the voucher code FCBOOKS15 to get 15% off the listed price of any of these titles!

From this page you also have access to the whole of 10ofthose's extensive online catalogue, which includes books, Bibles, church resources, greetings cards and much more. And we get a percentage of the profit of absolutely anything and everything you buy. It's very simple, if you can see the 'Free Church Books' graphic in the top left of your screen, we will make money from your purchase.

As you will see, the new online shop is being run in partnership with 10ofthose, an established Christian publisher and bookseller. This means that for every book you buy, we get a percentage of the profit, but 10ofthose will fulfil the order for you. Their books are very affordable, but their customer service is completely professional - and they are as passionate about great Christian books as we are!

As well as the online shop, 10ofthose also take telephone orders, on 0330 2233 423. However, due to the nature of our partnership scheme, we only make money on orders made through our website.


If you love books, and would like to hear more from people across the church about the books they are enjoying right now, you can sign up to our new monthly email here. Each month, we'll send you several short reviews of new publications and our favourite classics, all from people just like you. You could even write a review yourself, perhaps?

For full details, explore our website or email us at In the meantime, don't forget to visit the new shop, and grab a bargain with our FCBOOKS15 voucher code.

Miriam Montgomery, Free Church Books