In a society where young children, in particular girls, are encouraged to find their role models on TV, films or social media, it’s wonderful to have charming books such as this pointing to a far more powerful role model. Betty Greene was a godly woman who loved flying planes and loved her Lord. After spending time flying in World War II, Betty joined Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) to help by bringing the Gospel to all corners of the world.

The book is beautifully illustrated and takes the reader on a gripping tour of her life devoted to God. Children will be encapsulated by the life, ambition and drive of Betty Greene to see her Lord’s will done on earth. The language is very readable and our 6 year old daughter regularly returns to the book reading it from start to finish.

For the parents reading this with their children, there is a helpful timeline at the end of the book that provides more information into the life of this great example to us all.

Betty Greene is truly inspiring and this book wonderfully shines a light on one of God’s chosen servants. Not only does it illuminate Betty Greene and all that she did, but above all it will show young readers that God will use your talents for His glory! A highly recommended book for young ones.

Stuart King, North Harris Free Church