Through the pandemic, we have sought to keep our four year old engaged with church ‘at home’ by reading lots of Christian books for kids. This book has been one of my favourites, because it has helped remind our son of what church is meant to be like, even if he couldn't remember the details all that well.

With bright illustrations and accessible language, this book follows a Sunday School class as they explore the different bits of a typical church service, and why we do them. Your church may not do every part of worship the book describes, but you will do something else for the same purpose. This book offers a delightful chance for adults and children alike to remind ourselves of the Biblical foundations of our worship, and helpfully uses Isaiah 6 as a key text for this. There are also really useful prompt questions to encourage our kids to reflect on what they did during church that week.

Hopefully as we return to church that is more normal, at least for now, this book can encourage the children in your house, or congregation, to get excited about church all over again. And not just because they get to see their friends!

Miriam Montgomery, Free Church Books