Michael Kruger is a Bible study guru, and this will be no exception. Writing a book about an unknown author must surely always present a challenge and even more so when plumbing the depths of his two thousand year old mind. Kruger manages to present this 'doctrinal anchor' as the defining yardstick for the rest of the Bible. He fits the book of Hebrews like a glove around the hand of scripture yet makes it relevant to the body of Christians in the twenty first century.

If you reach the end of this study booklet and still do not realise the supremacy of Jesus Christ and that He is by far superior to every other being then it is time to re-examine your own belief system. Kruger makes the reading of Hebrews almost simple by asking pertinent questions to enable the reader's understanding of the glory of God who sent His Son as His exact representation to undeserving mankind. This is aided by the leader's guide and dictionary footprints on every page.

The message indelibly printed on our minds and hearts by the time we reach the end of studying Hebrews is that 'Jesus brings a better hope; a better covenant; better promises; a better sacrifice and a better country. He is better than we ever could have imagined.'

Ruth Aird, Bruntsfield Evangelical Church, Edinburgh