In this book, Beeke and Barrett indeed take a comprehensive approach to looking over not only what holiness in the Christian life looks like but how we should be seeking it daily. 

The authors takes the reader through defining what holiness is, exegeting holiness, practicing holiness, promoting holiness, how holiness can be tested in our lives, how the outside world tries to distort holiness, and how despite the fallenness of the world that holiness will be the defining and shining characteristic made full when we join our Saviour in heaven.  

Each section gives solid underpinnings to their rationale and shows that we need to be fully focussed on knowing and loving our Saviour all the more every day to grow in our sanctification and holiness or as the book states, “the bottom line is that avoiding the greatest sin of not loving the Lord with the heart, soul, and strength requires consciously and actively factoring God into all of life.”

Although this book is written in an accessible way, it is written with a more scholarly bent in mind and not the style of a devotional style reading. For me, I appreciate systematic approaches to topics and appreciate being able to see the underpinnings for the arguments being made and to be able to trace out those lines of thought throughout various passages of the Bible, and this book does just that.

If you are looking for a step above a devotional style book but are not quite ready to be diving into fully fledged academic style theology textbooks, this book bridges the gap between these two approaches very nicely.

This book is available to purchase from Mound Books.

Sarah Perkins, London City Presbyterian Church