From the experience of someone who knows what it is like to be consumed by depression, Rachel Lane offers a word of comfort, hope and practical advice in this short book. Aimed at young people fighting their own struggle with depression, Rachel is kind, clear and realistic. The book does not sugarcoat the experience of suffering with depression, something the author makes clear through snippets of personal testimony. But consistently the book points to the hope found in the person of Jesus Christ. Each chapter ends with a promise from the mouth of Jesus, and the Gospel is clearly explained as Rachel begins to wrap up her book.

Equally practical and pastoral, this book, though not perfect, is a helpful read. As someone who saw a close family member battle severe depression during my own teenage years, I can see the value in this testimony. It would be a helpful book to offer to both those young people battling depression, and those who have close friends or family suffering from poor mental health.

Rachel ensures that what she says is based on Scripture, and threads several Psalms through her book. The result is a helpful and age appropriate guide to young readers. Not in the sense that the author offers all the answers, but that both practical advice and words of comfort find a unity with Gospel hope.

Edward Creedy, Eden Baptist Church, Cambridge