Christians are in agreement about two things concerning evangelism – we need to share the Gospel but we are often too reluctant and unready to do it. Roger Carswell, a well-known and eminent evangelist, impresses upon the reader of this short but important book the urgent need to incorporate evangelism as an integral part of our everyday lives. After emphasising the immediacy for all Christians to evangelise, he then details four principles underpinning effective Christian witness to unbelievers. For Carswell these are the need to:

- get the right seed;

- sow and scatter the seed;

- wait and water the seed;

- know when it is time to harvest and hoard the seed.

Throughout the book, the author peppers each section with practical illustrations drawn from his personal experience or from the testimony of effective Christian witness in differing circumstances. His advice is vital and pertinent and should lead to greater willingness to engage in personal witness. Although what Roger Carswell tells us is timeless and valuable, this book was clearly written before the social restrictions arising from the current pandemic and therefore future editions may benefit from considering the use of social media and on-line evangelism.

Gari Lewis, Tabernacle Baptist Church, Llywnhendy