Make no mistake - this is a brilliant book.The Letter to the Hebrews contains so many precious truths of our Saviour’s identity, mission, heart, and present work on our behalf. In twenty-four two-page daily Advent devotions, Tim Chester pauses to linger over these truths in order that we might see clearer the one upon whom we are directed to ‘fix our eyes’ (Hebrews Ch12 v 1). As well as being a mini course in Christology with helpful explanation and illustrations, each devotion finishes with a paragraph prompting reflection. All good theology leads to practical application. Here, issues such as our life’s purpose, feeling unloved, fragile, or guilty, knowing peace and much more are addressed in these reflections. It appears that Christmastime, like almost everything else in 2020, is going to be very different to normal. This book will help you to make it different in a good way, being drawn closer and closer to our Saviour whose miraculous arrival we give thanks for.

This book is currently only available as an ebook.

Alasdair Macleod, Smithton Free Church