Heather LeFebvre’s “History of Christmas” is a wonderful record of the central events that have defined the celebration of Christmas. As a warm and stimulating work, the book challenges the reader to keep the festive season firmly focused upon “the marvel of the Incarnation” and God’s great love towards sinners in Jesus Christ. The book does well to retain the reader’s interest as it educates its audience on aspects of Christmas tradition less familiar to modern readers. Moreover, LeFebvre’s style is simple, clear and easy-to-read, thus making this work widely accessible. Additionally, the book contains many fun elements such as recommended bible reading, discussion questions, craft ideas, and even traditional Christmas recipes!

Anyone who desires to learn more about the events that have shaped the current festive season should look no further than this simple yet interesting account of the history of Christmas.

This book is available to purchase from Christian Focus Publications.

Connor Lord, Edinburgh Theological Seminary