'Sowing the Seed' is a collection of 42 devotional stories for children to encourage them to share the Gospel with their friends, acquaintances and family. This book in the third in the series, 'The Lord’s Garden' and follows on from 'Taking Root' and 'Bearing Fruit'.

It is always inspiring to read accounts of how people from different backgrounds heard and responded to the good news of Jesus Christ. The book describes eloquently the zeal, passion and commitment of individuals eager to see those around them coming to faith in Jesus. Around a quarter of the stories in 'Sowing the Seed' are about children sharing their love for Jesus with others. Each story draws on a relevant verse from Scripture and includes questions to allow children to explore more fully the content of the story and to reflect on their faith and commitment to tell others about their Saviour. Many of these stories would provide a welcome resource for family devotions, children’s talks or illustrations in sermons.

As the majority of the stories are drawn from historical sources, primarily in the US, the context may be unfamiliar to modern day children elsewhere. Indeed, the book conveys the feel of a gentler, bygone age which some children may find attractive. The Scripture verses are taken solely from the Authorised Version.

This book is available to purchase from Book Depository.

Gari Lewis, Tabernacle Baptist Church, Llwynhendy