W. Robert Godfrey has written what is perhaps the most helpful book about the Psalms in print. This work is full of wise insight about what the Psalms teach us about our human condition before God, and how Christ is the answer to every deficiency in us. There is no more accessible source that describes some of the most important steps for every Christian to know better how to reflect upon the Psalter. Godfrey has clearly reflected long and hard on the themes of these one-hundred and fifty songs that God inspired to help us understand ourselves, understand how to worship, and understand our God and what he has done for us. The opening chapters digest high-level biblical scholarship into helpful, ordinary language. The rest of the book provides encouraging, soul-lifting observations about important samples from each of the Psalter’s five books. This little volume certainly lives up to its name; you will learn to love the Psalms – or love them more – by reading it.

This book is available to purchase from the Evangelical Bookshop.

Harrison Perkins, London City Presbyterian Church