This is a challenging but rewarding book. Dr Martin (1822-85) was a prominent Free Church minister and author. This volume is a representative collection of his sermons and essays along with all of his letters still in existence. Much of the material has been unavailable for the past 150 years. Martin assumes that his readers have a very high level of scriptural and theological knowledge, and explores his themes with rigour, freshness of expression and warm personal application. Some of the material feels of its time, like where Martin, the 22 year-old firebrand, warns of the Son of Perdition, whom he identifies with the Pope. Most of the time we hear the mature Martin exploring exalted, glorious, timeless truths about Christ and His work. In this book readers will find a satisfying depth, and a sense of theology as worship and wonder.

This book is available from Banner of Truth.

Roddie Rankin, Plockton & Kyle Free Church