This large, hardback book does exactly as the title says - it takes the reader through 30 prophecies in the Bible that point to and were fulfilled by the Lord Jesus. The size, design and layout is suited to be read to and maybe by younger readers and the plethora of pictures and colour, and the simplicity of the language used, make it an attractive read and easy to understand.

Every chapter reviews a particular prophecy under the following headings:

  • Prophet/Dates (who was the prophet and when did it happen?),
  • Prophecy Made (what was the actual prophesy given?),
  • Then and There (what did it mean to the original hearers?),
  • Prophecy Fulfilled (how Jesus fulfils it),
  • Scarlet Thread (how the prophecy fits into the bigger picture of redemption),
  • Application (what does it mean for me?),
  • and a Prayer (a response).

This is a helpful resource for the young and for families, unpacking the central theme in the Bible - it is all about Jesus!

Colin Macleod, Gairloch, Kinlochewe & Torridon Free Church