Among the peaks of prophetic literature in the Old Testament, the book of Isaiah seems to rise higher than the rest. Here we encounter God in his holiness and glory, calling his people to covenant faithfulness, reminding them of their great privilege and responsibility to be a light to the nations of the world. In this latest addition to the Christian Focus Mentor commentary series, Paul House seeks to help us engage with beauty of Isaiah’s message to God’s people in challenging times.

His 2 volume commentary does not disappoint and will be particularly helpful to pastors and teachers, as well as those who desire to study God’s word at a deeper level. House takes the position that Isaiah is the author of the entire book and that it’s message can be split into 5 sections which he calls sin to Zion cycles. He also argues that this structure leads to a distinctly gospel shaped reading of the entire prophecy; this was one of the best features of the commentary to my mind.

With skill and wisdom he seeks to tackle difficult passages head on while remaining clear about the importance of engaging with wider biblical theological concerns. One great example is the way he interacts with various positions surrounding Isaiah 7. Here House demonstrates one of the great features of the Mentor series; academic engagement to serve the church. For this Paul House deserves our thanks and encouragement in seeking to strengthen the life and lips of God’s people.

Perhaps this year you might consider taking people through Isaiah or spend time studying the message of this great book by yourself. If that is the case this will be a worthwhile investment as you consider God’s great salvation, in the sending of his servant, who is king over all things and who is making all things new.

Martin Paterson, OMF International & Cumbernauld Free Church