Often when we teach the Bible to children,we go to the stories of the Old Testament such as Noah, Joseph, Abraham or we go to the gospels and teach the parables and miracles. Sometimes we leave other books out. Matthew Sleeman presents a new translation of 1 Peter for children suitable for mid to late primary school, perhaps a little younger with adult help, so that they may'grow up into the light and life of the full breadth of God' s Word.’

Matthew has broken down Peter's letter into 25 sections which would be ideal for leading children in bible reading or to encourage children in reading the bible on their own. Sunday school teachers would also find it helpful in teaching 1 Peter to younger children.

This book is a helpful reminder that all of God's Word is useful and that children can learn so much from these, perhaps less taught, books in the Bible.

Allan Shearer, Dunblane Free Church