Strange visions, combative language and graphic imagery combine to make Ezekiel one of the most challenging and neglected books of the bible. Disobedience had led to judgement and exile. However this was not the end of the story. With his experience as a pastor in Albania and his service as an army chaplain, Andy Oliver helpfully guides the reader to the central themes of the gospel in Ezekiel’s message. This is a well-grounded commentary seeking to bridge the gap between Ezekiel’s day and contemporary western society. It is simply and clearly written, with a number of good illustrations to help explain some of the key teaching points. Another feature that will be of use to many people are the questions and discussion points at the end of each chapter. Oliver’s commentary would be a great companion for personal study and will provide helpful insight for those who are preparing to preach from this wonderful book.

This book is available from DayOne.

Martin Paterson, OMF International & Cumbernauld Free Church