I have to admit, when I was given this book to review, I was a little nervous. I have always been very aware that young children’s minds are delicate and are obviously not as mature as older children or adult’s minds. They therefore process information differently and I have always felt we need to be careful about how we feed these young, delicate minds. I guess I didn’t want a book named ‘Mind Muddler’ to muddle their little minds!

The Mind Muddler is a short rhyming book which begins with the fall and explains how God’s enemy hated us thinking straight and caused our minds to run off track and for the lights to go out. It explains how we are tied up in knots and our lives are tangled in lies. It goes on to explain how God is bigger than all our mess and how Jesus came to put things right: ‘All his straight thinking as if it were mine, my knotted mind tangle considered His crime.’ Good theology bound up in rhymes and fun pictures. It’s like the Bible in miniature, explaining why our thinking still misses the mark and we still go off God’s track. It encourages prayer and dependence on those who will guide us in the right way and explains how ultimately King Jesus will carry us through.

I felt this book was a little above my 8-year old's level. The rhyming can over-complicate the message the book is trying to portray. But it was better understood by my 11-year-old son, who found it clear and fun.

Una Davis, St Columba's Free Church, Edinburgh