‘Teaching Joshua’ is another very helpful additional to the Proclamation Trust series of teaching books. It is not another commentary going through verse by verse but designed to paint the big picture of Joshua.

Books of the bible such as Joshua, which includes battles and killings, are often rejected by those who argue against the Christian faith as mere history and bloodshed. Doug Johnson shows very clearly that this is to miss the point completely. Joshua teaches of a God who is faithful to His promises and sovereign over all. The Lord works all things for His people’s good as He leads them into the Promised Land.

This book will be very helpful for preachers considering a sermon series, small group leaders leading their group through Joshua, or any Christian believer who wants to understand the big picture and key themes of Joshua better. Doug Johnson doesn’t shy away from the difficult questions that that the killings and bloodshed lead people to ask but helps the reader to think through them biblically. He reminds us of the ever continuing relevance of all of God’s Word. God’s faithful leading of His people to eternal rest is a message to encourage us at any time.

Allan Shearer, Dunblane Free Church