Becoming a Christian involves a fundamental change of identity; we know that. We belong to Christ – we are ‘in Him’ rather than ‘of the world’. Where this change of identity becomes tricky, however, is when we have to live in the world, facing its challenges, temptations and easy fixes.

In this book, Melissa Kruger and her co-authors tackle this conundrum head-on. Taking ten aspects of our identity in Christ (eg. child, beautiful, citizen), they look at the ways in which we misunderstand them, what the Biblical truth of each aspect is, and what that truth means for us as we live out our life of faith. The ten aspects have been well chosen to provide a comprehensive picture of who we as Christians truly are, and the writing is winsome and relatable.

Identity Theft is Biblically-based, Christ-focused, and completely practical. My one criticism would be of the scarcity of specific Biblical references in the chapters, but this is counterbalanced by the study text provided in each set of group discussion questions. For this reason, although it is an excellent book to read alone, it is perhaps even better for any group of women who might fancy reading a book together.

Miriam Montgomery, Free Church Books