The growth of the world church in our generation is something which should cause us to rejoice. Gener & Pardue enable us to do this to an even greater degree with this superb collection of essays. The contributors hold firmly to evangelical orthodoxy and display rigorous thinking with regards to contextual application in the vast region of Asia.

There are 16 contributors to this volume who lead the reader through various aspects of Christian doctrine. Although the main emphasis of this book is application across the various contexts of Asia it would be a mistake to brand this a parochial volume. Quite the opposite is true. Students, academics, pastors and church members will benefit from engaging with many of the contributions. For example, there are essay’s tackling questions about being the church of Jesus in a pluralistic context or developing a theology of suffering which is biblically robust and practically grounded. In a society which is increasingly hostile to the gospel of Jesus, we have so much to learn from our brothers and sisters in the global church about what it means to faithfully follow Jesus when it costs us.

I would particularly commend this book to students of theology. In previous generations there have been limited streams to engage with and learn from the global church. With this resource now in print there is no reason for this to remain a blind spot.

This book is available to purchase from Langham Publishing.

Martin Paterson, OMF International & Cumbernauld Free Church