I have followed Risen Motherhood on Instagram for about a year. I’ve always enjoyed reading the posts, but the demands of small children and chores made me feel like I had no time to look deeper into their resources, full blog and podcasts: how could I possibly listen to something uninterrupted for a whole 30 minutes? The book coming out looked like a great opportunity to read their main ideas all in one handy place – yet the central theme of this book challenges that premise. It is about how being a mother with small children makes it essential to be a theologian, because we all have thoughts and ideas about who God is.

Laura Wifler and Emily Jensen argue that ‘the little years aren’t the lost years’, but rather sanctifying moments that need to be worked out in light of the gospel. In this season of life it can be so easy to feel too busy to take part in church, to make idols of our children and to see our worth through our parenting achievements. All the while forgetting all that Christ has done for us as daughters of God.

Laura and Emily’s style blends deep theology with relatable anecdotes, so you feel you’re at the women’s bible study you’ve always wanted to be part of. This is not a ‘how to’ book for parents. It is an encouragement that everything we do is by God’s design and for his purposes. Our children are not saved by our perfectly orchestrated teaching moments. Nor by being clean, tidy and on time for church each Sunday. The authors remind us that our children’s salvation is in God’s hands. Our own limitations – physical, emotional or financial – are set by God, our gracious and loving father. As long as we stay true to his word and reflect his love, the gospel will shine through to our children.

After having my first baby, I decided I’d get back to bible study when things settled down. Seven years and two more children later, I’ve realised that isn’t going to happen! Laura and Emily point out that all of life is sanctifying. You do the work that God has set out in front of you right now, and ‘there is no mundane moment too small for God’s glory to shine through it.’

Reading Risen Motherhood has helped me to tackle the frustrations of day-to-day life with the gospel message, that ‘God has good purposes for today’. It has renewed my desire to dig deeper into scripture.

This book is available to purchase from Amazon.

Kimberley Macdonald, Dunblane Free Church