In a republication of their 2010 book, Julian, Ben, Phil and Clive offer a personal, practical guide to a painful subject. This updated second edition is simple, compassionate, and humble. The authors are candid in supporting what they say with their own stories, four very different stories of loss and suffering. They recognise their own failings, and their inability to say everything that their readers need to hear.

A Help in Grief is divided into three sections. The ‘Personal Journey’ is first explored, and topics such as mourning, social pain and spiritual questions are raised. Though not exhaustive, the authors are careful to gently push their readers to seek help in all the areas they address, humbly pointing them to the Gospel, and encouraging their readers to hope in Christ even in the most hopeless of circumstances. Part two explores the ‘Practical Journey’, and the authors use their professional expertise to explore matters such as funeral arrangements, wills and care. Helpfully divided into short, readable sections, these daunting topics are swiftly and helpfully covered, often with tips and pointers to further resources. The book ends with a short section exploring the later years.

Grief is individual, and will impact every reader differently. The authors recognise that throughout. 'A Help in Grief' is a hard read, but compassionately written with a Gospel heart that leads the authors to dwell on the practical whilst never losing touch with the human side of things. The combined wisdom of these authors means that the second edition of this book is a helpful update to the 2010 version.

This book is available to purchase from DayOne.

Ed Creedy, St Andrews Free Church