According to the author, an increasing number of professing evangelicals deny the reality of a literal Adam & Eve. Others believe in an Adam & Eve who are different to those portrayed in Scripture. Thomas Fretwell challenges these views in a short book which is clearly presented and very readable. The first chapters introduce the subject and explore the separate creations of Adam & Eve and then their fall. A chapter on what Jesus said about Adam & Eve is instructive as he points out that Jesus clearly believed they were real (along with their son Abel). He highlights Jesus’ use of the word “beginning” to place Adam & Eve at the start of history and not the end. The final two chapters cover what Paul said about Adam & Eve, and demonstrate how essential a real first Adam is to the saving purpose of the last Adam, Jesus Christ. This book will be a useful reminder for all believers of core people and their importance to core doctrines of the Bible. However, it will be particularly beneficial to those who are confused by the contradiction between what Scripture says and modern evolutionary narrative. Highly recommended.

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Duncan MacPherson, North Harris Free Church