This is a great wee book of just 89 pages which can be read in no time at all. It’s a bit like Psalm 117 which, though very small, contains in two verses foundational and fundamental Gospel truths that are built upon and expanded on throughout the rest of the Bible. So also, Smethurst has packed into a few pages really helpful, insightful and useful guidance of how to approach reading the Bible that will undoubtedly make a difference to what is a critically important Christian discipline.

In 9 brief chapters, Smethurst lays out the importance of coming to the Bible prayerfully, humbly, desperately, studiously, obediently, joyfully, expectantly, communally, and Christo-centrically. By so doing, we honour the matter, the message and the Messiah of the Bible. Each chapter is grounded in Scripture and with witty and winsome examples and illustrations makes this a book I think every believer could easily and should definitely read, whatever point on the road of redemption we happen to be. The more we know the Scriptures and approach them in this way, the more we know our Saviour and the more we know our salvation.

Colin L. Macleod, Gairloch, Kinlochewe & Torridon Free Church