It is incumbent on every minister to preach faithfully Christ crucified. In this short collection of Gospel sermons, Robert Murray McCheyne does this in abundance.

Despite covering a wide range of texts, McCheyne unites these sermons by exhibiting a clear emphasis on God’s ability to save sinners through the Gospel. His supreme interest in every sermon is to present Christ as willing and able to save to the uttermost those who draw near to God through Him (Heb.7:25).

At times, McCheyne preaches with candour. This can be difficult for any reader as he readily speaks on judgement, Hell, and the consequences of rejecting Christ. Nevertheless, with each passionate plea can be heard clearly the sound of a heart breaking for the lost. He writes: “I think I can say, I have never risen a morning without thinking how I could bring more souls to Christ.” (p.149).

Though originally published in 1848, McCheyne’s emphasis on the Gospel means this book has tremendous relevance for people of every century, including our own. Readers of all walks of life will benefit tremendously from this work, which has rightly been termed a 'banquet of Gospel truth'.

Connor Lord, ETS Student