This is the sort of book that you read with your heart in your mouth, wondering how one person can suffer so much, yet Vaneetha does not write for sympathy nor from a victim perspective, rather she writes to glorify God and how even in pain, even in suffering, even in experiencing loss there is a deeper healing. She does write honestly of her own doubts, questions and laments, and believes that we ‘can experience true joy only after we have acknowledged our sorrow’ but also shares how she has reconciled them and surrendered them to the Sovereignty of God having come to a place where she saw ‘that His refusals are his mercies; that had shaped her’. She speaks of lamentation and of being sustained but not delivered. Part 1 is her story; Part 2 is her lamentation; Part 3 is her acceptance. A deeply moving book, which will bring you to your knees as you bow before such a Personal God.

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Fiona M. Talbot, Plockton & Kyle Free Church