Given the tragic ending to the story of the Titanic, I was curious to see how Robert Plant managed to make an encouraging and evangelistic story out of it. Remarkably enough, he does. This book, part of the Trailblazers children’s series, follows the minister John Harper as he sets off on the Titanic with his seven-year-old daughter, Nana, for a preaching tour in Chicago. Nana is obviously the character the young reader is meant to relate to, but her father is the true hero. His encounters with others on the Titanic, both Christian and not, are bold, winsome and brave. His wholehearted faith suffuses the entire story with a calm cheer that belies the disaster the reader knows is coming. In his handling of that disaster, Plant bases his storytelling on factual accounts of John Harper’s insistent evangelism and sacrificial bravery. Parents should be aware that this book isn’t a fairytale, and it doesn’t have a happy ending for all involved. As such, it may be one to read along with your child, but I recommend that you do read it. John Harper’s story is one every child should know.

Miriam Montgomery, Free Church Books