This booklet is not a "how to do it" manual of Christian witnessing on a one-to-one basis, but an invitation to do it. And it succeeds – or certainly ought to. One might be tempted to object that it is all very well for Lennox, with his massive intellect, his Irish wit, and his seemingly unflappable temperament, to pontificate about witness. But what about the rest of us? Lennox insists that – apart from being a duty – witnessing is possible for everyone. Expounding I Peter 3:13-17, he clears away some of the misunderstandings Christians have over what is and what is not our duty in this regard, our attitude to the other party to the conversation (always one of respect), our willingness to admit ignorance, and our preparedness to be resented or misrepresented. Lennox says (page 18) that we can all start, like Paul, by telling of our experience with the Lord. Few of us, however, have had Damascus road experiences like Paul's: and indeed no other New Testament account of one-to-one witness puts the same emphasis on personal testimony. To be fair, Lennox stresses the need for a broad Biblical basis undergirding our witness and warmly commends a resource (The Word: One-to-One) embodying that emphasis. There is a lot in this little book to encourage and challenge, and it is written with love and good humour.

Donald Mackay, Knox Church Perth