Dale Ralph Davis is my favourite Old Testament commentator and writer. I love his erudition, humour, and the way he invariably brings alive and applies in a contemporary and Gospel every Old Testament passage he addresses. I love the way he makes the Old Testament Scriptures fresh and Christ-orientated. This booklet is basically a collection of 58 benedictions pronounced by DRD at the end of various sermons preached between 2013 and 2018. Many of these are direct biblical benedictions, whilst many others are worded so closely together it feels like the same blessing repeated with a very slight variation on the same theme. Each one reflects a different aspect of the work and witness of the Persons of the Trinity. A glowing Foreword by Derek Thomas and equally glowing Afterword by Sinclair Ferguson highly commend the book. It makes for an encouraging and inspiring read but I feel that had there been some explanation, reflection or application for each blessing the content would be more commendable.

Colin Macleod, Gairloch, Kinlochewe & Torridon Free Church