This book is not intended to be a comprehensive review of the theory or history of Christian mission, but an introduction to foundational biblical passages that authorise mission, motivate it and provide the essential elements of its message.

Part one looks at big picture themes such as the glory of Christ (Colossians 1.15-23); what it is to discern and carry out God’s instruction to “multiply and fill the earth and subdue” (Genesis 1.26 - 31; 2.15-20); the incomparability of God (Isaiah 44.24 - 45.25); and the mission of God in sending Jesus (John 1.1-18).

Part two opens up important questions of the international and cross-cultural purposes of God, reflecting on Genesis 12 (chosen to bless); Deuteronomy 10 (a distinctive people); and the book of Jonah (a resentful servant) and Isaiah 49 (a ready servant).

Part three focuses on Christ’s primary role in mission by looking at key passages in the Gospels and Acts.

Part four reminds us that mission is, as the book’s title makes clear, all about the 'Glory of Christ in All Time and Space'. Mission is doxological: it starts with God, passes through his creation by way of redemption, and leads back to God in extolling his majesty and singing his praise.

Peskett and Ramachandra are quite superb in what they do and the book is excellent for those wishing to get to grips with the biblical basis of mission. Although it is not a book only for ministers or ministry professionals, it does provide plenty of extremely useful material for constructing informed and thoughtful sermons or talks on mission.

The Study Guide is an important and helpful addition to the text. Highly recommended.

John S. Ross, Kilmallie & Ardnamurchan Free Church