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Book of the Month: September 2021

We've now been running our 'Book of the Month' feature for a full year, and are still so excited about the books we've shared with you. Our pick for this month is no less special; Helen Thorne's 'Hope in an Anxious World'.

This book has the advantage of being easy to read for the non-Christian, the mature Christian, the anxious and the one seeking to pastor the anxious. Our reviewer, Phil Foster, was full of praise for it, and you can read his full review here. He chose the following words as his favourite quote from the book:

‘As we put our faith in him and continue to grow in that faith, our struggles with anxiety will change. For some of us, that will mean conquering anxiety completely… Others of us will see our anxiety decrease substantially… For a few, anxiety will remain a significant struggle… but there is hope here too. The anxiety may still persist but there’s no walking the path of an anxious life alone. Both God and his people will be around you’ (p. 98).

The book is available to purchase from Free Church Books.

Miriam Montgomery, Free Church Books