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A New Chapter for Free Church Books

Free Church Books is now coming to an end as an independent project. We have had a great time sharing books with you over the last four years, but now we are merging with the wider output of the Free Church of Scotland, our parent church.

We are hugely grateful for your support and encouragement, and we hope that you will come with us to our new home on the Free Church website here. Our book reviews will be published here each month, and also in The Record magazine.

The existing Free Church Books website will remain live for browsing but will no longer be updated. Here you will find all of our reviews from the last four years, so it's a great place to go if you're looking for inspiration.

The Free Church Books online shop is also closing. Our partnership with has been fruitful, but moving forward it has been decided not to partner with one particular bookseller. There are many excellent Christian bookshops and publishers. Find whichever one works for you, and do support local and biblical one as far as you can.

We are still keen to welcome new reviewers to our team. If you would be interested, you can sign up at If you have any questions, do drop us a line at

Many thanks for your support, your love of reading and your love of Jesus.

Miriam Montgomery, Free Church Books